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After each set:

10 Hollow Body Rocks

10 Superman

3 Inchworms

3 Empty Barbell Good Mornings

3 Empty Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

3 Empty Barbell Deadlifts

3 Slow Wall Squats



AMRAP 20: (with a Partner)

- 2000m Row / partner Handstand hold

-150 Wall Ball Shots / partner Handstand hold

-Max knees-to-elbow (alternate sets)

One partner works on the row and wall ball shots while the other partner holds in handstand. Once the wall balls are complete both partners move to the kness-to-elbow, with one partner working while the other rests, alternating and performing as many knees-to-elbow as possible in the remaining time

*Score: number of knees to elbow reps

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